Army Navy is a pretty popular restaurant all over the world and they have some nice food choices on their menu.

Before the food, I must admit they have the besticed tea I have ever tasted. I would want a crack at getting their recipe just for the sake of trying it. One large iced tea won’t be enough as it is a joy to drink it. They have the fries and those are lovely especially when you combine them with the burger. You got the option to choose the number of burger patties you would want with the burger and all of them are good options. The hungrier you are, the more burger patties you must choose. The Watch 4 Beauty Discounts burger bun is also nice as I am certain they have a good supplier. Their service is what makes me come back as they never fail to greet you with a smile on their faces. In addition, you would want to ask for additional catsup for the fries, and the more there are, the more satisfied you will be.

Army Navy is like a comfort fast food if there ever was one.

What I like best about Army Navy are their burritos. I understand that they are some type of American Mexican mix cuisine. That is why there are some quesadillas and burritos on the menu. Good thing there is a vegetarian option for the burritos as I love vegetables. It is also pretty healthy to eat a ton of them as you will be energized and they are full of vitamins and minerals. I can wake up the next day not regretting what I ate the night before. The burritos come with salsa and hot sauce. I used the cream that came with it and I ate it in such a messy manner.

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I did not mind as long as I was enjoying every second of it.

They also have fried chicken as that is something you would not want to miss. The Bangbros coupon goes well with it too. It won’t be long before you want extra rice when you have eaten a lot of chicken already. You may even try the mayonnaise for the chicken and it is equally nice.


Army Navy has some huge sandwiches that these things are enough to make you full for one meal.

It is no surprise how they also have tacos and these things contain a lot of ingredients in them. It is always a good feeling to eat a lot of that. Also, you know you would want to eat more of their food since their chefs are just so good. The price is worth it since Hardcore Discounts uses the best ingredients available for their food. It is no surprise that Army-Navy has a nice reputation as one of the best go-to restaurants when you are in the city. Some people went as far as to take these restaurants to the beach and that is not a bad idea.